THE MORE YOU PLAN – the more you provide things to fail !

It’s all done. The last ever operation in my life is over (I am back at work to annoy everyone here) and yes – I didn’t choose this body to be ill in, or to have it chopped up either, so it’s over.
When I went to see my brilliant Indian surgeon for a post-operation meeting this week, he informed me, he removed several pieces of debris, including what is known as a baker’s cyst (popliteal cyst) running on the back of the knee tendon. Which he duly chopped out along with all the other ‘bits’.
I wanted to hug him at the door on the way out of his office. I mean, come on, no more knee pain after 4 years yessssssss! I told him I would send him a post card from Henley, when I am about to win the final of the Henley Master’s rowing championships next year. Another daft thing I have promised myself from the things to get done before Angus is dead list.
So here’s the list ok, we all have them right? For most of us we are to shy to publish them, sod it here’s mine, come on, live!!! Let everyone know what you dream of and go for it. We will all be dead soon so flippin well get out there and get on with it OK !

* To win at Henley Masters Regatta, in front of my kids who never have seen me row. OK – an old boys event, but it’s my wish never-the-less.

* To buy and old wrecked Chateaux in France and do it up and enjoy!

* Ultimately to help people live their dreams

* To train up a crew of kids to win Henley too and feel how magnificent that is

* To be a best selling author and a T.V. personality and give people hope (the whole point of this life) – if a common idiot like Angus can make it – come on anyone can! And hey – strong people help themselves and stand up for themselves but the strongest help and stand up for others.

That’s where I want to be – when that character God changes things for me to make all this happen. Which he will because I told him so. And who is God? Ha! Yes of course, he’s the one that you ask all those wonderful things for that never seem to happen. But then God is a state of being within anyway so we are merely arguing with a lost part of ourselves anyway.

* To show the kids that parenting is fun and that mums and dads can stay together (even after 5 kids!) and always be there together for the kids, no matter what, smiling, supporting allowing freedom and being there for all, till I die.

* To stop planning, dreaming and hoping and start imagining and believing!

To give up my sugar free diet today!

Yes well the latter, since Christmas 2015 of my no sugar diet, which I have now stopped. Was there a huge difference? Well yes and no. But I am not a big sugar eater in the first place so the difference for me would be less dramatic than others. But come on, what pleasures are left for time-staved parents? I now can enjoy a homemade cake, a Tartin (French apple Tart) when we go out for a meal at our local French restaurant. And I am happy that I experienced not having something I like and therefor know its the taste of not having it that makes it better now. Ha! Like my daft dreams above.

I have been writing for 30 years! Bloody hell, I’m still doing it! So never give up hope on making it one day. Planning is pointless by the way. Another story and actually I just am writing a whole book now about that- the more you plan the more you provide things for yourself to fail! My next book out this autumn, that I am working on is called The Importance of Failure – from total waster to chief chocolate taster! (made me laugh anyway 🙂

Since I was off work at home for two weeks I commenced this book, which, like my others, is probably another pointless book. But I like the world ‘probably’ as I am an optimist and thrive on it. But it’s curious as the things I predicted in the book and imagining are strangely coming true!

My luck is changing, the Midas touch is coming back, I am set to succeed even though I don’t know how or when or why I know! Success though seems never to be planned, it seems to propagate from elsewhere and in between those things that we haplessly plan to fail.

I just love that don’t you? So we all have this skill to make it. It’s just so simple. Try something easy! And that of course is allowing yourself to be happy at all the times you fail on the way. That’s success. And above all the skills I have adopted, I now see after 30 years are pointless and they are: dreaming, wishing and hoping. It’s easy- replace them now with imagining believing and doing!

So let’s see hey! The journey continues and with that curious with Friday Light – written on the date of a master number (22). I bid you a beautiful weekend made more beautiful when you imagine that you really can believe.

Arios Mes Amies

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