When Good Friday is bad and then all comes good again!

It wasn’t that ‘good’ was it? I mean to be called a ‘Good Friday’ when ‘it is said’ that they were not very nice to Jesus on his last day. I think the Germans are much more realistic in calling it ‘KarlFrietag’ coming from the old German word ‘Kara’, meaning sorrowful. Yes a sorrowful story, but rather prophetically we made it quite good in the end anyway; we seem to be a much more optimistic race now-er-days.

Perhaps that’s what Jesus did want, for it all to be ‘good’ in the end (which it will be) just need a couple more 1000 years and we’re done right. Some say the word good comes from the word Gotte (God). Anyway let’s not go too deep here.. all that matters is that it’s a holiday, yeay! So that’s really GOOD! And we munch our way through copious amount of chocolate, ha even better!

But let’s just get this straight. Each kid in the U.K will receive 8.8 Easter Eggs this year. The average seems to have crept up, as three years ago it was 8. But of course it’s gone up. That’s because many eggs, like many mainstream chocolate offerings in general, are smaller. But it’s still enough calories to run from London to Oxford non-stop if your child eats their quota of 8.8 eggs.

But the ‘Kara’ as our friends in Germany might say, is that 17% of kids in the UK will be sick from eating too much chocolate. That’s 17% of 10% of all chocolate bought in the UK makes kids ill! It’s big business, fast work too, since the first mass produced milk chocolate egg didn’t come off the line till (many of you might correct me here) but; wasn’t it Cadbury in 1905? That’s a massive growth market.

Yes another festival that once had meaning has a new ‘no meaning’ (yes folks here’s another day we designed to make you eat or buy something). My wife and I have agreed NOT TO BUY anything on Valentines, Mother’s and Father’s day and any other flipping day that is made up and slopped up in front of us, where we are made to buy something to show we love someone or care about anything. You don’t have to buy things to be good. The Germans were right, it’s Kara because we spent too much again!

The solution – I think we should most certainly start a national day of no national days, day. Yes, a day when we don’t need days.

Anyway I can see Jesus thinking now, ‘but who said that they should buy presents on my birthday? Or eat all that chocolate on the day of my death and then be sick! But you see it goes back a lot further than that as this is an ancient Pre-Pagan festival of: fertility of eggs, new life, hares, positioning’s of the stars and meaningful equinoxes.

So it is good after all! Yes we are celebrating the bringing of new life with the start of the Spring Equinox. The festival of fertility and re-production fits quite well, I must admit, with chocolate. Perhaps The Goddess of fertility ‘Oestre’ (I SERIOUSLY WANT THAT JOB by the way), would agree to a little touch of shampers and sprinkling of chocolates to loosen us up into the mood! Might work better than fluffy rabbits.

But life has evolved and yes it was a ‘good thing’ to celebrate fertility in the old days, say when there were only a million people in the world and we needed to reproduce. But perhaps we should after all that, be celebrating the day of death make the Kara the happiness of the planet. Now at a time when population is exploding and mother Earth is creaking on the hinges.

One thing is for sure, my guess is that the world, after all this: with Jesus or without him, with chocolate or not, which ever God we worship, things do seem to be going the right way. We seem to be a happier race than 200 years ago. In that case it indeed makes it a very Good Friday indeed. God is not a being, but a state of being and that’s were we are all heading!

Happy Oestre!


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