A day when even I might have had enough chocolate!

I know – it’s more like a Friday Late than a Friday Light. It’s a miracle I ever seem to get this out at all today! I have just returned from central London from the British Library and it appears that we have launched what seems to be a really good conference (yesterday), which many would agree is now the best event for the chocolate industry ever! I have a car full of chocolate, kids full of chocolate, a mindful of chocolate. Chocolate full of chocolate! And at last, a year’s work is now completed and I might be able to rest sound after surviving on 5 hours sleep a night in preparation for chocolate film making, press events, interviews live on stage and my wild presentation at the end of the day when I was so tired I collapsed onto the stage and didn’t do my speech as planned at all!


I am fatigued to the comical point that I wonder if I am actually writing anything worthy of being any reasonable substance or matter; for which I now apologize. But this is really just a quick ‘Light’ and an easy read I hope! I just love my Friday Lighters, I can’t let you down! Yes less to read so you can get on and enjoy your evening too!  And as I collapse over the kitchen table after working silly hours for the last few nights, my son tells me after logging into face book that we should all now live in Sweden.


Sweden he tells me, has decided that they are going to adopt a six-hour day (just some employers). But it’s the right idea. This tired, I am utterly useless to anyone. I believe that you can achieve the same in a four-day week that you can in a five-day one. Anyway I am moving gradually to the times when I can say that I don’t see what I do as work, the ultimate goal of being paid for what I love to do.


But now after launching a successful chocolate event that went sizzlingly well yesterday, I am now going to set it upon myself to launch another one!  A magical day for kids and families that can come along to an amazing experience, feel inspired about their lives and tuning into their purpose and ready to take some action towards finally living their dreams. An event that the chocolate industry might just help me with! A dream for me too .


Yes a day where young and old can be inspired to live the dream, be themselves and never to fear anything and do it anyway. My dream!


And with this, I am so sorry but I am somewhat out of character, going to drift off to give my soul back to the forces till tomorrow. Tomorrow I am still looking for the tortoise! More people have asked me about the tortoise than about chocolate at my chocolate conference!  Thank you Emma for your lovely message about finding her.


Thank you Friday Lighters for your good messages about the Kennedy pet baby tortoise that escaped 3 weeks ago and yours truly! I am sorry I didn’t get round to replying I really was working flat out!


Have a Light but not too Late weekend


Angus, suitably choclified!


Pictured here taken on the morning of my chocolate event – the World Chocolate Forum yesterday.

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