Success is more likely to happen inbetween what you plan

Success then, is the annoying bits that interfere while we are too busy failing with our plans!

Well you know what? Eventual success lurks in between the bits that you plan! I am really starting to subscribe to this curious thought now. When I say ‘success’ I mean the things that you can’t ever believe could happen! The things that are too good that we are frightened to think them.

This week has been a hellova week, I mean literally. I have been to the gates of heaven and the gates of hell. But luckily neither of them were open. Luckily too, I am blind to all the things that are happening while I am stressing over what doesn’t, namely the things that I am planning. So had my plans been good ones then surely I would have been a success already! So we have to start unplanning and I must enjoy being the perfect example of the most brilliant of human mistakes: Angus Kennedy!


So get this, the person that sold sold it at the age of 30 for £600 million. Yes she started it at the age of 25 and five years later was a very, very rich person. She was supposed to drop a letter off for her new business venture for the website to a venture capitalist but she went to the wrong building! It just so happened that the person that answered the door of this big city office happened to be a venture capitalist and signed her up. The letter wasn’t even meant for him!


She made her plan, it failed and she got stressed over being lost but somehow she continued with the mistake, which was the key element of her success. When we are most lost we are likely to be on the verge of achieving the greatest of things. Being lost therefore must be essential! Don’t you love it? Humans got it wrong!

And then you can now live with no fear because mistakes are paramount to our well-being and so is not having a clue. The year I won Henley I had no idea who I was racing. They all said I can’t believe you just beat this rowing crew and so on. But if you don’t know you can’t, you can – and if you don’t know you can, then you can’t!


Now this is always what I must think now. My plan failed this week. I was supposed to make (today) a small sizzler real film for a US producer. A golden opportunity. But I screwed up as I wrote ‘bound street ‘instead of Bonds st. and forgot to mention London. So the camera team got pissed with me and it all was cancelled. My plan that I spent many a night till the early hours evaporated just like that. I made a mistake. Or was it; was it part of another greater plan? The only plan worth worrying about is a plan not to worry about anything!  So I have no film to give to a producer in Hollywood! And days left. ‘Chill out Angus, it’s all going to plan’, says the voice!


If you don’t succeed you are not aiming high enough right.

I am through with planning. Sod it. The only point in planning is that it might create the positive events in between what is going wrong with my plans. Like this week, get this, while my plans are spectacularly failing, I am in touch by chance with someone via a friend at The Sun Newspaper. So I stick at it, they have a friend, you talk to the friend, they have another contact, you don’t know who you are talking to and why and then at some point, somehow you just enjoy it, be yourself forget the plan and be the ride you deserve. I then get the call (today) when I thought it (was all over –again) that says. ‘Angus stop hovering around, I can help, I believe in you.

My plan fell through but I made a new contact that might be just that person that I didn’t plan! Who knows? I have no film to hand to this producer in Hollywood but I have no plan either so now I am confident of my success! Which is good and secrets an adequate dose of satisfaction. You know what I haven’t actually got a flipping clue how to pull it off. It this junction now. I really am lost so all I can do is relax as what we hunt is more likely to come to you, the less you hunt it.

A strange piece of writing but I had to share this with you before we all go off and make some brilliant mistakes. Which I plan to do; you knew that line was coming didn’t you! Now back to Earth –  I need to find my son’s lost baby tortoise! Re last week’s Friday Light, I am still looking! We lost it and it will die soon as its in the garden some where. And my son (the smaller one) has blocked the toilet and many of the other kids have shed ‘the load’ too. You just don’t wanna know what I am doing now!


Yours without a clue in the world of how I am really going to make, but with the faith that I somehow will.


PS Welcome all my new readers this September- love you all thank you. We are nearly 13,000 now, and I might see many of you at our massive World Chocolate Forum 1st October at the British Library London, where I am speaking. The biggest chocolate conference in the world!

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