No one has been to the moon since 1969? You are kidding me!

It’s funny how things work out. I had a really serious Friday Light all ready and dandy. It was a deep thinking one a – we need to change the world type thing before Aliens take over and then I lost all the flipping copy! Ahaa or did the aliens secretly, while I was out with the physio at lunchtime, delete my message from my computer? Not so easy, I am back and I don’t give up that easy, so I will write it again!

Well you see, I am having the weirdest prophetic dreams about now ‘those in power’ are being seriously influenced by alien forces so that the extra-terrestrials can without a single shot being fired, take over our world by brainwashing the people in power, and then clone humans and place these hybrids in governmental positions.

Yes, so they can also force our people in power to influence the human population in a way that the aliens can wipe out human individualism and freedom. Well we then work willingly for them and they can trade the natural recourses of Earth with other planet communities and co-operatives. Clever way to take over a planet right? No wars just take over the minds of the leaders and lie to them. Especially since humans don’t believe in this sort of thing. Come on you think aliens would come here for holiday! Let’s get real.

No really that was my dream, section 51 exists, the Roswell incident really did happen and so on – see Roswell incident. No one has been to the moon since 1969. Come on that’s a lie too! There is no way that we haven’t done that again. Wake up please.

Well and then I thought naaah the planet is doomed, humanity is on the way out; what hope is there? Why should I try and save humanity? No one listens anymore, especially to me, I am not famous. I don’t drive a Ferrari. Most – not you of course, but most are concerned about material items, looking good and so forth. And if the aliens don’t take Earth away and destroy our freethinking humanity then we will most likely destroy our own planet before they get their hands on it anyway.

So hey, destroy away humans– be my guest, ruin the planet, it keeps the aliens out of our back yard, so perhaps there is a good thing in deforestation. I ask myself too, am I going mad, and am I out of my mind? And the answer is a comfortable, yes you are Angus. Thank God. Because real madness is being in your mind when powerful corporations are controlling it for you and manufacturing you into nothing more than a desire chasing vegetable that can’t decide what we actually need to live with or not.

So well, I am better off saving my wife from insanity instead then. She needs it. Mainly and predictably insanity caused by the inevitable actions of newish sausage dog at home sleeping in her basket minding her own business while toddler thinks it to be the most brilliant idea to (take a long pause here to reflect on this moment)…. You got it, haven’t you? You know what I am going to say next! I know some of you do anyway.

Little toddler sits on the edge of the plastic mounded basket and positions himself perfectly for ‘the delivery’ and yes; he really does, with his trousers down. He produces world class and magnificent curled up deposits right next to sleeping sausage dog. And for the dog? Well I have you know, this was a dream come true.

She normally eats the dried up miniscule resident fox’s number 2’s so; this was fresh, volumous and a wonderful home delivery with no signature to sign for. A gift from the Doggy Gods. And sadly, yes, mum comes into the kitchen to discover the battle scene in its full glory.

These are the very things that make family life what it is. The real events we have and not the daft happy family running along the beaches with everyone smiling photos you see in holiday websites designed to make you believe that family life on the beach will be easier than at home. Well it’s not its just always tough. There are still going to be various nasty deposits from our 3 year old where ever we go and well, at least the Kennedy house will never be invaded by Aliens right! No flipping chance; far to disgusting to report back to planet Zog.

But why do I have these dreams though, it’s haunting. I am now compelled to read the entire works and writings of Marshall Summers. An unknown author and I have developed an insatiable appetite and energy to consume this new knowledge. I doubt any of you will read it but Allies of Humanity is a good book. But that depends whether you are ready for that sort of thing. Few are; sadly.

I can’t wait for the changes that are taking place in my life. I have an energy that is quite magnificent, vibrant, atomic, and so exciting, it enables me at times to survive on 5 hours sleep a night for days on end. And with this post I am classified as insane, am I not? It’s deliberate. You are released from wondering if I speak the truth. Take it as fiction and a mad writer from Kent as we did when the world was square, OK.

Keep watching the sky and if you do see any of these reptile-eyed, loveless, greedy little human clones sods (that’s how you spot them) tell them to get lost. The planet it taken!

Yours increasingly effectively against power – always.


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