Bridge over troubled water

Seriously, I have spent the whole of last week trying to catch Steve, my daughter’s much loved pet baby corn snake that escaped last week. Our house is littered with pinkies. Pinkies, I have to add, are small newborn mice that snakes find quite delicious and irresistible. You see the idea is that you place these dead mice all over the house and then your lost snake will rise above the crack in the floorboards to eat them and hopefully go back to his cage. So I have had to grab some empty litre lemonade bottles and cut the top end off and then reverse it so our snake can crawl in through the reversed nozzle and find delicious pinky inside. And then, yessss! And then, over night to add to the family fiasco of fun, we pour straight lines of flour all over the carpets in neat lines so that we can see in the morning if there are any snake tracks as the snake crosses the line of flour.

So yes hooray, the Kennedy house is full of dead mice in every room (near radiators too!) and flour all over the carpets, ahaa not forgetting a flooded cellar that stinks, dodgy ceiling with leaking roof, no cooker, no bath, black mould all over the place. Yes our house is fit for a condemned King! Oh and now we inhabit our house with new friends that we come acquainted with; hundreds of mosquitoes and flies are breeding in the cellar in the puddles. So it’s more like some weird swamp down there than somewhere where you would want to do your washing and actually call part of a house of any normal description.

I would not in the least be upset or even mildly surprised if you choose not to believe me. But as you know, I am not writing for the money or fame so why choose to lie about everything? I think one of the main reasons is that I simply won’t believe it when I leave this terrible place. Houses have energies you know. I am convinced now that now we have started to loose our hearts with the house and decide to leave, it’s starting to give up on us, it knows. It’s quite odd that a river flows through the house now and just doesn’t stop. Yes and the damp is rising through the walls into our lungs and furniture.

This is truly a time of digging in deep for resolve and to look into your partners eyes and say without words this is not our fault (we can get through it) when actually we are feeling like drowned rats every day with rising anger that is enough to tear a man to shreds.

Luck, lack of it and times for change- this all depends on perception. You see, my office was flooded and we are now much better off. You have to maintain faith and laugh out loud and proclaim that all bad things are always for good reason, no matter what. This is my faith now and my lesson is learned.

Our baby Kieran took great interest in the flour and indeed it was quite a novelty to find such a spectacle. Of course no signs of any snakes. But yes of course we know exactly where our two-year-old boy went, as he now is evenly covered in with flour as I speak; trousers, hair and hands. Flour is now in every room, as he loved it so much, what in improvement indeed over Peppa Pig. Hey who needs a nursery when you have escaped snakes and a lake to play boats under your very floorboards (see picky)?

I write with an air of defiance to all that some would say to be a dose of bad luck. I believe that what we feel is bad is only driving us to do new things, force change and move on. When all the boards under your feet and the walls start to cave in as they are with us, have no fear and fall with grace and confidence and hold your head up high and be proud that you have been chosen to go through great changes. And then aim to see what lies beyond the old lifestyle that literally has now rotten away from your life.

Like the office I am convinced that my faith in all that is bad will be good and will pay off. I don’t have a boring life and boredom is the only thing in life that I can say is bad.

Have a lovely, lively, happy weekend and share my upbeat mood in such impossible adversity. You might have a dry house, how lucky indeed you are. How lucky you are, lucky you are, how lucky my friends indeed.

PS. I leave you with a photo of our cellar that flooded for the 3rd time last week and the pump that the landlord installed (see blue pipe) – thepump keeps falling over. Who needs a bath and a mashing machine?Life is so easy my friends we can just throw it in the cellar and wash our fears away!

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