A Good Book for a Bad Day

This is very unconventional of me to do this but I had to write today on a Wednesday – please forgive me for such intrusion – but I have made my latest book (Good Reasons For Bad Things) free of charge today – it’s the last day that you can download it FOR FREE so I had to write to you now.

I hate Friday Lighters to have to spend any money and I never actively sell. You see by the time Friday comes, my book would not be free and I know that you will like it, especially not having to pay a sausage!

What do I ask in return for a free book? Nothing, but if you would like to post a review on Amazon for me, I would be very grateful. It’s only just come out and I wrote the damned thing in the middle of the night! I didn’t even want to write it. It was quite an experience writing this book.

But anyway it’s the type of book might just make you laugh and I would hate you to pay for it as you are such good friends and colleagues of mine. So please just hit here and download from Amazon absolutely free. What this does is it moves my book up to better Amazon ratings and helps other readers to see it. So in effect, you are helping me sell it, so we help each other right.

Very simple, helping Angus helping you and many others is just a click away. My new book can be downloaded into any kindle or computer with a kindle app with the greatest of ease.

Thank you and yes I will be writing on Friday. In the mean time let me know what you think of Good Reasons for Bad things!

Best Wishes

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