Good Reasons For Bad Things

Well – I survived January! Our offices were flooded (as you all now know!) and we have risen out of the mud; literally. There are always good reasons for bad things and we (Kennedy’s) are now in a very nice office (more cash though folks). I wrote at a difficult time to you over Xmas when, I honestly didn’t know if I was going to have a company to work for, home to live in and to top it all, illness in the family! By the way, there is good news today. Steve, my daughter’s pet corn snake that slithered into duck tape is fine. He will live!

I wrote about mining my anatomy for positiveness when bad things happen, even if you have to go extra-ordinarily deep, no matter what is thrown at you – YOU HAVE TO. To be honest after the office was flooded I did all I could to salvage things; I was determined to focus on getting a better place to work as opposed to pondering over the loss. It was the focus of the mind that was again my savoir. Well, believe it or not, the insurance claim for what happened to Kennedys is huge! I mean big for us anyway and that would never have happened – a good thing.

I am at the moment onto my next trial and tribulation – I am on the verge of homelessness. I can’t get a mortgage and have a few weeks to leave the house that my landlord wants back. I keep saying to myself it’s all meant to be as I lie in bed. Difficult though, when wife and kids are asking ‘where will be live dad?’

“Well sweetie”, I say, “it will be all OK.” We always say that to our kids and in the end, somehow we find a way. I have found a house but I can’t afford it. I don’t have time to look for another one. So what else can I do? Well, like what happened to my office, the only thing I can do is accept things as the way they are. Acceptance of what you perceive to be bad suddenly makes it a little bit better.

I lay in bed last night – thinking Angus you haven’t got anywhere to live now. I laughed out loud in my bed and said ‘F’ it. I can’t worry or do anything and I said to myself it will be OK I am going to be OK and we will find a place to live (I asked my Angel). Oddly today at 12 midday a mortgage broker (another one) – I never give up on them, called me up to say he will be able to get me the mortgage! I am trying to believe him. This is after 3 years of trying.

You know if you have been locked away in prison and someone shows you the key, you think it’s a hoax. You forgot what a key looked like, you have never held one since the days when you where a child when you believed you could be and do what you wanted and your parents could rule the world. It’s the not being able to imagine the key of freedom that keeps you away from your dreams.

I still don’t have a house but I had a call from this mortgage broker and oddly the call was after I went to bed laughing saying I accept, it will be OK. I willed it. I don’t give up easy, ever. All these hardships are meant to be so we can learn, rise above things and above all, appreciate the things – it’s a Karmic lesson when you don’t have.

We are always prepared to want things as long as we can never have them. So even though my deal on the house collapses, I remain oddly calm in the storm – it’s all meant to be. Again I write with positiveness, compassion to my readers and with a direct will to share my difficulties in life that we all have, but never share.

And with this is a good day indeed! My new book is out today – yeah. Today, years of work is now ready for the literary feast.  Good Reasons For Bad Things is out today and it’s one of my best to date as it’s contents contain the very force by which I embrace and secure my survival. Click here if you would like to see my new book and please, please, please give me a review, when you buy it (ahaa). It’s an e-book at the moment.

My warmest incredulous, self-mystifying wishes to you during the moment that I barely have a house to live in but I am oddly a happy man. I am happy as I am learning.

Yours with love


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