Richness is the green grass under your feet

I had a vision of a fine, young ambitious man by the name of George who from the a young age always knew that one day his golden chance would come to be a happy and content man. He saw in his dream one night, a gold pot buried in the sand; a treasure would be inside the pot that all and everyone must share with him. He was told in his vision to go and discover it and he would be happy and content.

He searched on the banks of the river near his village and walked the streets for 25 years and found nothing, surely his treasure then is over the hill; someone else’s land.

So he decided to fight for what he wanted – it would be easier to fight for his gift, and so he did! He started to battle on his own by building a small fort in the dessert. He made some money and came across some more treasures, but still it was nothing like what he imagined for himself in the vision and he was never satisfied with what he found. He always wanted more. Surely there was more treasure over the hill.

He kept on fighting while holding the fort and just as he tried to get up to advance to the greener land over the horizon, a shot came over the wall and he had to retreat. He was a good shot but no matter what he did, he couldn’t beat off the enemy that surely wanted his treasures. Their green land was better than his. Then a fine general from a distant army came and joined him who had defected from the garrisons to fight with him and together they advanced and made some ground. But still the horses came charging over the hills and every time they wished to advance, they had to retreat by the force of the enemy. But small advances they made and they doubled the humble pot of gold they had and with it, they only spent their money for the “purpose” of fighting.

Meanwhile craftsmen and more fine soldiers heard of their growing wealth and joined George and they set about attacking with new weapons. They were joined by experienced archers who wanted also to be rich; ones that could shoot the top off a thistle from twenty yards.

The army grew stronger by the day and soon enough they defeated the army and made advances to the greener fields. They partied all night on winning the ‘war’ and the next morning they would claim the land and money that they saw as theirs.

In the morning they rose over the hill to look down into the beautiful valley of riches and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. As they descended, to their horror, they saw the river had dried up as they had destroyed the very people that tended to it. The land was barren and infertile and they had no idea how to keep it, as the climate was different to theirs. The enemy was defeated and broke as all their money was spent on defending themselves. And George had destroyed the very people that were able to provide for their own riches for themselves by cultivating their own land.

George soon realized that it was the greed of the people he had attracted to his army that wanted what they thought the enemy had. He soon saw he was fighting for nothing but empty power and wealth and the will of others. What use was George’s wealth when they had destroyed the knowledge to make their wealth work?

There was no green grass over the hill. The young man was no longer young and much of his life had passed. He realized that he must never fight for the greatest riches. True courage is not to fight but to have faith that you don’t need to. The greatest riches are under your feet if only you decide to cultivate the land on which you are standing. He saw that the only way he could cultivate the land is by cultivating himself.

He returned to his village to join his neighbours who did not fight but had faith in what what would be theirs would come ‘if they choose to see’.

The young man sat at home and with tears in his eyes and saw that he had at last found his gift. He had never lost it. By his side he spotted a small golden pot. A pot that he had never lost and only now one that he could see. He looked inside and there was no golden treasure, but inside lay the very seeds of understanding, tolerance, love and peace; things that he finally discovered.

The grass is never greener, real richness is the green grass that we grow with our hearts from what we thought to be barren land under our feet.

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