Happiness is 13 pizzas and a stolen credit card

At last Christmas is over and fate had it that someone tried to steal money off my credit card online 32 times! So it was duly cancelled by my bank and that left me with no credit card for the January sales. Yippee!! That really was the best Christmas present – EVER. No shopping and THE best excuse not to buy anything at all – especially horses.

Fate had it that the horse I planned to give my daughter was too small and I forfeited the deposit and no horse now either! – Actually I gave her the money to buy her own. But to add the good will,  I can tell you now I never win anything and I always tell myself that. But last week we went into a buzzing Pizza Express in London Charing Cross and our Italian waiter looked a bit stressed and bombed out. So I started chatting with him at the end of the meal. Turns out he could not find his lost parents; at least it was taking him some time to do so. We chatted for a while, as the kids busied themselves with throwing the remains of their pizzas around the restaurant, and I mentioned to our waiter that he was lucky to have parents at all – mine died decades ago and my mother was addicted to drink. I think something clicked with him. If you are a bit low, there is always someone lurking around you that can pick you up and get things into perspective. He actually had parents!

Anyway he seemed to cheer up a little with the knowledge that they were actually alive and skimmed off to the till to bring back the credit card machine (before it was stolen that is). He then gave me a complete deck of 30 little tokens – part of Pizza Express’ 5-mill-giveaway. I am sure we were only supposed to have one? So we started opening them one by one. Okay, here’s the list of what we won on that magical day. Five free theatre tickets, thirteen free pizzas, six cups of coffee, three ice creams, two PayPal £5 top ups and then a year’s Sky digital broadband with HD box and subscription to the best movies. So it’s pizza, telly and movies for 2013. Bang goes the diet then!

But I won something! Hooray! The last time I actually won anything was a Donkey Derby when I was seven years old. I still remember it, watching those daft animals run in the wrong directions. But I actually won. I keep saying to myself now ‘I never win’. But that’s not true. I do and can win, and the reality is that I am perhaps creating my own downfall by saying I never win anything. I am not losing, but I never seemed to ‘win’. And what is winning anyway? Winning what, for whom? Well, winning has to be act of being happy with losing – continuously! But some of you out there who are impossibly intelligent that email me regularly with your wise maxims, will say ‘don’t enter the race and you never lose!’ But life appears to be a race – the human race, to be precise. We even call it that. Have we won that one yet, I wonder? Perhaps in 3013?

But won something I did! 2013 appears as another reader pointed out to me, to be a lucky one. Okay, he only won £6.83 on the lottery. But he is the best accountant I know and knowing him, he will convert it to a cool £60,083! It’s the old adage, be happy with what you have – don’t wait to be happy to have what you don’t! Being happy and grateful for the tiniest win might attract the big one! Grateful – We are all great full?

I kinda hammered numerology a bit much recently and have written much about the number 13 so I will just say a very happy new 13th year – we are lucky then… we are alive.

Yours truly – on Earth (still)- as I wasn’t vaporised as insanely predicted would surpass on 21st December 2012.


PS In pre-Buddhist Tibetan cosmology the number 13 is used frequently. Early Tibetan Kings were enthroned at the age of 13 and often ruled for a period of 13 years, to be succeeded by the next 13-year-old king. A story of a mythological king emphasizes the significance of the number 13 to Tibetans wishing to rule their kingdoms in accordance to heavenly and earthly guidance. In my opinion anything can be positive, if we only think it so.

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