The Future is Light

We study history but not the future. Is that because we think that the future does not exist? Most of us base plans on what has happened like, OK we had four boys then surely the next baby will be a girl! Everything we seem to look at, from money to what we will eat, learn and enjoy, appears to be based on past experiences and not what future experiences could be. Our entire legal system is based on what court cases have been won or lost. Even when we talk to each other, we often ask how was your day. You may say indeed that the future experience doesn’t exist so we can’t base our lives this way; so are you then saying that you have no future?

No I am uncomfortable with this past business and I like to imagine my present, as a state of the mind that focuses on what I wish to happen in future. I don’t think it’s a good idea to say ‘oh well the last product I launched was no good and therefore this next one will follow suit’. Or that I ran several conferences and none of them made any money, so there’s no point. Even better, I have been turned down by an agent or publisher so its likely that it wont ever happen, sod it its tough and so on. If I say it won’t – it wont! If I say its tough it is.

How much present, past or future do you think of? Let’s say that 50% of the stuff I think of is events from my past. Then what hope does my future hold when I focus on bad events or non-happenings of the past. I recreate my past again and again and again. I think we term this stuck in a rut, BUT WE CREATED IT! I cant change my past so quit thinking of it! Say I imagine 65% of my life-to-be in the future, hmmm, better. Is it more likely to work out better than studying history for the rest of my life and examining what went wrong in a world war or something?

I think now, this minute, I am not thinking about my past at all. I can’t when I write. I am (and this is the difference) excited about my future. I don’t fear or worry about the things that could go wrong any more as a result of the past.

I guess this a bit of an art, but actually I have noticed a siesmic shift in who I am since I stopped thinking about things of the past that are of no use to me. But we are so convinced the past exists that we forget that the future does too; poor future, give her a chance. They both exist for us in ‘all that we actually experience’. I only experience the present, therefore its up to me what I invite into it; my dreams for the future, or my lost hopes based on the past.

I think its working. I read less news, watch less TV, I no longer have an iphone, I switch the radio off on the way to work and as a result, I can give myself things to think about that Angus Kennedy needs to do to become himself and no one else. Most of the time I am presented with things that everyone else wants me to think of and if I think of it more, (worse still) people wish me to think about what crap has happened to them in the past. I don’t actually want to know, thank you. I want to know what you and I can do for our future, we are one. That’s much more powerful.

What about the great things that COULD HAPPEN? What about the time when we are all clever and hospitable to each other. What about the time when money no longer exists and that schools no longer play a part in what we need to learn. What about the time coming when all Humans as a race achieve. These things, we are all capable of thinking, but never bother because THEY all want us to think of crap from the past. Is it any wonder we say ‘there’no future”? Well  why be surprised,  all when we don’t try to think of one, it  therefore cant exist.

The future may be lighter than you can think.

Happy Fridays
I am yours in the future
Angus Kennedy