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Have you ever wondered what the best job in the world is?

Some say Angus Kennedy has it. 

If you love chocolate then just imagine the satisfaction you’d feel from being paid to eat it.

Angus is editor of the acclaimed and long-established Kennedy’s Confection journal and the owner of Kennedy’s Publications UK. He is also the “world’s leading chocolate taster” and …

Angus Kennedy

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Maxims by Angus

We are born with all the skills to be happy but then taught all the skills we need to be sad.

Wealth for a few creates poverty for so many.

Age hides the idiot more gracefully than the idiot that tries to hide their age.

Most people will want you to think about everything as long as they’re the things they agree with.

When I discover, I learn but when I’m taught, I forget.

Kids are the masters of being in the present while adults are masters of dwelling in the past.

I think that God should have made humans like bees; sting someone, they die.

As long as I can’t have it, I’ll tend to want it.

I don’t eat chocolate to be healthy, I stay healthy so I can eat chocolate!

Faith is knowing that there are good reasons for bad things.

If you think fighting to win wars is tough- try fighting for peace.

Intolerant people will eventually find their long lost cure by not tolerating themselves.

In wartime, the powerful make slaves from the weak and in peace the rich make slaves of the poor.

Those who seek weakness in others have just discovered the biggest one in themselves.

The purpose of my education is to unlearn what the fools thought was right.

Suffering is being unable to help those that suffer.

Nothing goes away in life until you have learned from it.

Success is the continuous process of enjoying our failures.

If you want to be better than someone, try the person you were yesterday.

Fools answer questions; but the wise question the fools.

Better to want what you have than have what you want.

Sadness is waiting to be happy. Wisdom is being happy to wait.

Being human can cost you your job, but being in a job can prevent you from being human.

Common people have common sense, but great people bring sense to the common.

We all want something for as long as we never have it.

The only thing I can expect in my life is the unexpected.

Don’t work for your life – let it work for you.

If all else fails – try chocolate!

The real changes we want to see in other people tend to be those changes that we should instantly make in ourselves.

Some people start life by wanting to be famous. When they find fame, they spend the rest of their lives trying to escape from the people that made them famous.

We believe our doctor when we are told we are unwell. But how many of us believe them when we’re told we are not ill?

Judge other people and the sentence will invariably fall upon yourself.

Strength is needed to fight; more strength to stop.

Imagine the true horror experienced for the dead to have a near-human-life experience.

If you don’t achieve your goals, you haven’t failed; you simply haven’t aimed for your greatest achievements.

There is no such thing as failure; we have only failed if we call ourselves a failure.

Genius is nothing more than remembering the simple things that the human race has forgotten.

Angus Kennedy

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