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Have you ever wondered what the best job in the world is?
Some say Angus Kennedy has it.

If you love chocolate then just imagine the satisfaction you’d feel from being paid to eat it.

Angus is editor of the acclaimed and long-established Kennedy’s Confection journal and the owner of Kennedy’s Publications UK. He is also the “world’s leading chocolate taster” and the founder of the London Chocolate Forum, one of the most successful chocolate events in the industry calendar.

With decades of experience in the chocolate industry and a media reach of millions, he has also become a thought leader and a shining light in the business and personal development industry. As a successful television personality, public speaker and author Angus has a strong UK, US and growing worldwide presence.

Life has become a beautiful adventure for Angus. But behind success lies a story of hardship. From failing all his exams to heart-breaking family bereavements and years of struggle against extreme adversity, Angus has a courageous story to tell. It’s a story so powerful it will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and uplifted.

Angus has been described as a PR genius. His knack of seemingly “being everywhere” has given him years of extensive experience providing commentary, interviews and discussions with the national press, through radio and TV.

Business leaders, confectionery industry professionals and “dreamers” who still believe in the power of their dreams should connect with Angus today.

Here are some ways Angus can help you:


Do you need a topical, entertaining and assured personality for your TV slot?

Angus’s engaging, thought provoking and charismatic style has seen him featured on all the major news channels, with television appearances on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Bloomberg to appearances on America Tonight TV and Al Jazeera in Washington. If you watch TV, the chances are that you’ve seen Angus entertain the audience with his unique and entertaining insights and booking him will result in a passionate and valuable contribution to any broadcast.


Do you enjoy beautiful and powerful stories that literally force you to turn the page and read long into the night?

Angus is an Amazon best-selling author and has created a strong following with his writing which has been enjoyed by readers around the globe. His unique style resonates with his readers and rewards them with a profound message that could change your life.

8 spirited novels have been written to date, with four published and available for purchase, and four for future release. You can purchase Please God I Want to Win the Lottery, The Kitchen Baby, How to Make Money and 222 Good Reasons for Bad Things right now. For future release is How to Become a Real-Life Willy Wonka, Dinner with the Devil and Who Needs to Go to College Anyway?

There is also another novel everybody keeps asking him about. It’s a secret curiously unpublished novel written six years ago called “Just In case I am Famous”. Some have heard that it’s close to being released to the world – so watch this space!

Public Speaking


Have you ever sat in an audience at a speaking event and found yourself captivated by the speaker, so everything around you fades away and time passes so quickly? Perhaps you are looking for an exciting speaker for your next corporate or educational event? 

Angus has been described as a speaking phenomenon with an energetic and engaging approach, which is loved by everyone. One of his most popular presentations is “How to Get the Best Job in the World – With the Worst Preparation Possible” and has been seen by tens of thousands.  

From powerful corporate speaking aimed at business organisations and chocolate industry professionals to delivering thought provoking and highly entertaining content to schools, universities and colleges, Angus regularly travels around the country giving truly unforgettable and infectious presentations.



Are you looking to create a buzz around your brand with a bespoke corporate writing project? Or, do you have a corporate assignment that needs a content writer to convey a greater understanding of the confectionery industry?

Angus is a leading writer and journalist for the confectionery industry. From corporate histories, to company anniversaries, technical profiles and key interviews, Angus will engage your audience with highly effective written content that gets results.

Written content has around 10 seconds to draw the reader in. If it doesn’t engage, the visitor will stop reading. Great copy will increase engagement and drive visitors deeper into your business. Angus focuses on creating content that is engaging, exciting and generates interest in your product or service.

Friday Light Blog


Would you like to join 7000+ Friday Lighters ganging up the change the world?

Have you ever found yourself questioning why certain things in life happens in the way they do?

Angus started the Friday Light weekly blog as a joke. It was an outlet to discuss the seemingly necessary nonsense of life and originally had just 55 readers.

It was never meant to attract thousands of email subscribers.

But it did.

Something about Angus’ musings struck a chord with the public, because it became one of the fastest growing email blogs in the UK.

It’s still currently free for now – and you can sign up today to get new instalments direct to your inbox, with no spam guaranteed.

It will help you “think with a smile” and feel truly inspired.

Watch Angus record breaking video that grossed a huge 12 million views and became the most watched chocolate video of all time.