With decades of writing experience and having visited countless factories in the global food sector, Angus is well positioned to offer a unique writing service for his global clients looking for a professional article/writing service for a unique article all about their products and services.

This is not limited to the chocolate and confectionery sector.  Angus is a well-known published Author and has already written Amazon best sellers and several books. This is a global service and Angus travels all over the world to visit his clients.

As a professional writer with many year’s experience as an editor in the food sector and a huge knowledge base, Angus specialises in writing corporate company profiles in the food sector while interviewing key company staff and touring the plant.

An article that is commissioned can either be used for client’s websites, company corporate brochures and special productions.

Angus has also been commissioned to write books, company histories and even complete/ part of web sites for companies looking for something contemporary, different and timeless.

For samples of commissioned work to date click the boxes below:


Angus has over 35 years’ experience of being an editor and spokesperson for the confectionery industry subsequently has built up an enviable network of senior contacts of professionals working in in the chocolate industry around the world. These contacts have proven to be hugely useful for anyone wishing to book him for consultancy work.

Angus also has a wealth of experience on the chocolate market with his finger on the pulse of the latest chocolate manufacturing and consumer trends. As a leading authority on chocolate Angus is available to share his knowledge with both producers of ingredients and finished products and is in a key position to help his clients ‘look into the future’ of the global chocolate industry.


We needed to actively connect with a wider audience within the global chocolate industry. My years of experience told me that the best way to achieve this was to find that key mover and shaker within the industry. A person who the industry didn't 'employ' but was clearly knowledgeable and respected for their views, experience and expertise. It didn't take long after we saw Angus on television! It was clear that Angus Kennedy was just that man. We invited him to our manufacturing site as we needed an industry expert; and what a great day it was! Angus had so many fantastic questions, clearly knew chocolate and this ultimately manifested itself into a very creative story that he wrote and published across the world Angus is not just another journalist or publisher, his enthusiasm and knowledge set him aside from anyone I have worked with before in this way. This has opened up many new opportunities for our global business as a result.

David Street Marketing Manager, Knighton Foods (UK)

Angus Kennedy has something special, the kind of uniqueness that defines him as an excellent writer, not just a good one. I personally evaluate authors based on their capability in giving shape to the reality while finding the right words to create links between the text and the readers’ feelings and emotions. Angus knows the food industry very well and he’s a remarkable and passionate author: creating an article is effortless to him while readers are really captured by his storytelling and clarity.

Simona Turla Marketing manager, GSR srl (Italy)

I have worked with Angus for many years and his vibrancy of writing style always bring articles to life. His in depth approach to a subject combined with an obvious enthusiasm for the task has consistently delighted clients

Denbigh Lloyd Marketing & Business Development Consultant

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Angus Kennedy shortly after the merger between Bühler and Haas in Cologne. Angus has a unique way of captivating the reader and we would not hesitate to recommend him as a great communicator for your corporate message. If there is anything of importance we always like to ask Angus to come and write for us!

Daniel Troxler Marketing Director, Bühler AG.
Business Area Consumer Food (Switzerland)

I don’t think there are any other journalists we know that have spent their lives dedicated to the chocolate and confectionery industries like Angus has. Angus and his family have gone back generations in reporting on the chocolate industry, as has the Aasted family been leaders in chocolate technology. But it’s not just his knowledge that puts him aside from the rest. It's his ability to understand exactly what we wanted to say in an article he wrote for us; and to deliver it in a highly unexpected and creative way. His writing is unique and timeless; we recommend anyone, in fact in any industry to commission Angus to write for them.

Allan Aasted Aasted Aps (Denmark)

We contacted Angus to ask him to spend the day with us talking to our experts and visiting our production plant site and application service centre to put together an article explaining our food colour expertise, product knowledge and innovation that Sensient has developed. Angus quickly understood the key areas we wanted to highlight and worked with us to produce something and presented utilising the photographs and information given in a very effective way. The resulting piece was very successful and we have used this in promotion of Sensient’s products and services.

Dr Roland Beck Managing Director, Sensient Colors Europe GmbH (Germany)