Angus is a hugely passionate writer with many more books in the pipeline. Here are some of the books he has written that you can order today and an example of his future titles to be released in the very near future.

Bittersweet: A Memoir: The Life and Times of the World’s Leading Chocolate Taster

Hardcover – Published by Apollo Publishers (USA) – June 25th 2018

The world’s leading chocolate taster shares his wild ride to attain the most envied job on the planet, and explains his warning heard around the world: that we might soon run out of chocolate.

Angus Kennedy has the best job of all time. His journey to becoming the world’s leading chocolate taster has followed a rocky road. Kennedy spent his childhood learning his way around the chocolate industry despite an alcoholic mother, a father dying of cancer, and multiple brushes with death and constant failures.

Now in Bittersweet, he reveals against all odds of how he became the king of cocoa and gives a fascinating tour of his life and the industry, answering questions such as: are we really going to run out of chocolate; is chocolate good for you; what are the most surprising kinds of chocolate; can chocolate be low calorie; and should we be eating organic or fair-trade chocolate. He also includes an enlightening guide to knowing if you’re eating high-quality chocolate and how not to put on weight!

Doused in Kennedy’s signature British humour, with tear-jerking moments, and sculptured into a-can’t-put-down-perfection, this humorous and memorable memoir is a tale of dysfunction, but also redemption.

The account begins during Kennedy’s childhood, when his mother managed the family magazine, a chocolate review, and candy samples were his meals, essential for his survival. Later, under his leadership, the family magazine became the world’s leading chocolate review publication and Kennedy become ‘the man with the best job in the world’ and a world authority on chocolate.

This is a hugely inspiring and true story as it happened –  a real ‘rags to riches’ of how you too, can, like he did, fail your way to success.

An essential read for anyone in need of inspiration to achieve the impossible to go out and finally – live the dream!

The Kitchen Baby: How a dad and kids had to deliver Mum’s fifth baby – a father’s view from pregnancy to birth and beyond

Hardcover – Published by Black Mansion (UK) – Jan 2013

This is a live account that begins from the moment the author raced to assist with his wife’s unexpected birth in the middle of the night, with no medical assistance or a midwife. The author tells the remarkable story of how their baby was born right into the author’s hands, with the cord tight around its neck.

In this dramatic birthing scene, Angus Kennedy narrates how their premature baby struggled for its life on the kitchen floor, with moments to live, and describes how he prepared to deliver their baby, dead or alive.

‘The Kitchen Baby’ presents a unique insight into men’s emotions and what they feel while supporting their partners during pregnancy and childbirth. It describes how Angus coped with his wife’s emotions during her pregnancy (often not very well!) and what went through his mind when his partner went into labour – and when he had to deliver a baby!

In this fast-moving account, Angus Kennedy reflects on his transformation from never wanting babies to having so many. ‘The Kitchen Baby’ also provides a rare insight for women into what men feel while trying to support their partners during conception, pregnancy, childbirth, PND and beyond.

The author tells how the couple were told she may never become pregnant. It describes her IVF treatments and her battle with endometriosis. It reveals the secret of how the author and his wife defied the doctors and what they did to help her on the road to pregnancy.
Angus Kennedy records their great parenting and family moments of the past, from how men can recognise the symptoms of pregnancy, to how they kept it a secret from the ‘in-laws’, not forgetting the reactions of friends and strangers to their large-scale baby production.

Above all, the author provides a rare through-the-man’s-eyes point of view for women on how differently couples perceive each other’s feelings during pregnancy and birth. ‘The Kitchen Baby’ provides support for any couple looking for a refreshing angle on birth, midwives, female depression, the NHS, breastfeeding and the final transition of a mother-to-be. This is a highly informative book, packed with lessons and heart-warming stories on pregnancy and parenting – each one learned through hard earned experience and over many pregnancies. ‘The Kitchen Baby’ is for not only mothers-to-be but also existing parents who can tune in to the magic of holding a new born child again.

This title ranks an amazing average of 22 five star rankings on Amazon and is a consistent Best Seller.

An honest account of exactly how it happened, from a couple who, above all, managed to survive it all and stay together.

Good Reasons For Bad Things: 222 Maxims channelled by Angus Kennedy

Published by Black Mansion (UK) Jan 2014

When it’s going wrong in life and you feel everything you do is bad luck and doomed and you can’t get ahead and you need cheering up, this is for you! … Angus Kennedy was going through a time in his life when everything he tried failed and he wanted to write and find the good reasons for it all going wrong. And this book ‘came to him’.

This is an odd book in the way that it is written. Angus Kennedy was working on another book when he woke up at 2.22 am every night and unable to sleep. In the end, he wrote it in the middle of the night, every night till it was finished.

“Honestly I didn’t want to write it! Can you imagine a life with five kids, busy job, school run and so forth? Waking up in the middle of the night to write a book was the last thing I needed! But strangely I only slept after I had written down what came to me.”

This book consists of 222 individual maxims that contribute to the idea that everything has good reason. “Strangely” says Angus, “the book was completed at the exact point that I reached 222 maxims, ones that I believe were channelled to me; and at 2:22 am in the morning.

“We all have bad luck, the difference is some people call it bad luck and others call it necessary actions to succeed!”

No matter what you are going through in life, you will be able to find good reason in the bad events that are happening. This book will take you on a very profound thought provoking and most enjoyable journey.

Books on the way

Angus is currently writing the following new book titles to be released shortly, so watch out for ….

Just in Case I am Famous – This book has already been written in 2000 whenAngus’ life was all going wrong and he was bankrupt and out of work. He decided to write a mind projection book and wrote a book predicting his future of a life when he was wealthy and famous. He says it will not be published until he is.

Fail Your Way To Success – The greatest self-help book of all time. Something Angus has pledged to do before he dies!

Dinner with the Devil – An amazing and quite terrifying true story of a horrific demon possession and an exorcism performed by Angus Kennedy.

Earlier works of Angus

Please God I Want To Win The Lottery  – Oct 2007

Angus used the name of ‘Clayton Caine’, which he now admits, ‘was a bit daft really’. But it is Angus who wrote the book! One of his earlier works and now (sorry now sold out of print L).